Concealed landing shuttering: Schöck ASE type P

Schöck ASE type P

Schöck ASE type P is an integrated shuttering element for use instead of conventional timber or polystyrene landing formwork when pouring concrete. Schöck ASE type P is suitable for shuttering staircase supports and element slabs. When shuttering floor slabs, steel formwork is often too short and timber or polystyrene is used to extend it. Making sure the lengths are correct and disposing of this special waste costs a lot of time and disposal fees. Schöck ASE type P is ready for installation. It is available in heights ranging from 70 to 140 mm, and is 2.70 m long. It can be cut to the right length, or the corners mitred, as required, at the prefabricating plant. The shuttering element is made of high density fibre reinforced concrete and acts as concealed landing formwork or shuttering for solid walls.

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  • Easy to install
    Enhanced efficiency at the prefabricating plant and on site.
  • Saves time and money
    No need to remove struts and dispose of conventional formwork
  • Strong connection
    The profile on the back ensures optimum grip in wet concrete.
  • High quality concrete finish
    Supplied with a surface that is ready for painting
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