Shuttering technology: Schöck ASE concealed shuttering

The perfect finish for concrete construction elements.Schöck ASE shuttering elements.

Schöck ASE shuttering elements replace conventional timber or polystyrene formwork when pouring concrete. This formwork method for use in concrete construction produces high-quality ends when prefabricating balconies, floor slabs and walls.

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For lean and cost-efficient construction

Made of high density fibre-reinforced concrete, Schöck ASE shuttering elements create a high-quality finish for walls, floors and openings. And because they eliminate the need to remove the formwork, Schöck ASE enables lean, cost-efficient fabrication, both at the prefabricators’ plant and on site.

Excellent stability, supplied ready for installation

Easy assembly at the prefabricating plant facilitates work procedures and lowers costs. The concrete formwork is supplied ready for installation. It only has to be cut to the right length, or the corners mitred. Made of high density fibre reinforced concrete, the elements are exceptionally stable. The sealing strip stops any cement slurry from creeping under the elements

For smooth construction processes

The formwork technology developed by Schöck eliminates the downstream work steps; all openings can be accessed without hindrance by construction workers and for inspection purposes.

Extremely versatile

The broad product portfolio for door openings, balconies and staircases ensures flexible production processes at the prefabricating plant.

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