Schöck Alphadock®.Thermally insulated connection for reinforced concrete walls.

Schöck Alphadock® is ideal for minimizing thermal bridges in connecting concrete walls. Alphadock® reduces the necessary connection cross-section of a load bearing wall by as much as 95 percent and reduces heating energy loss by up to 25 percent.

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Seamless insulation of the building envelope

Thermal bridges in concrete wall connections cause significant energy losses and make it difficult to achieve the highest energy standards in new buildings. Additionally, they present a risk area for condensation and mold growth that can cause structural degradation and occupant health issues.

While continuous thermal insulation of the building envelope enables huge energy savings, it can be difficult to achieve, given the structural requirements of connections such as concrete walls and foundations.

Schöck Alphadock® is an insulated structural wall connection that combines outstanding insulation performance with dependable load bearing capacity.

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  • No condensation. No mold.
    Even under the most difficult general conditions (rooms with high humidity: e.g. bathroom, sauna, kitchen, geometry) protection against mold thanks to the significantly higher wall surface temperature of the insulated concrete wall.
  • Highest energy efficiency
    Reduces the thermal bridge by up to 90% and thus saves up to 25% heating energy.
  • Cost savings
    The use of Alphadock® allows economization of insulation at floor slabs and ceilings thus reducing the costs of the insulation concept by up to 50%.
  • Economical
    When using Alphadock® in order to avoid thermal bridges, the thickness of the façade insulation can be reduced and the usable floor space increased.
  • Better optics and diverse design options
    No more material changes or loss of space due to flanking insulation on walls thus enabling an attractive exposed concrete look in the basement.
  • Freedom of design
    The use of Alphadock® enables demanding building geometries, such as facade projections, loggias, arcades, etc., even with the highest energy standards and avoids complicated construction details while optimizing building physics.
  • Highest load bearing capacity
    Highest energy standards can be met in high load applications in multi-storey buildings.
  • Complete system solution
    Comprehensive planning support, installation aids, adjacent connectors and insulating spacers matching the construction process guarantee error-free handling from planning to the final installed system.
  • Reduced maintenance costs
    The elimination of the flank insulation on the walls and the expensive insulation on the underside of ceilings also means that they do not need to be maintained or replaced.
  • Comfortable living
    Avoiding cold surfaces in the interior improves living comfort and indoor climate.
  • All-round security
    Through European technical approvals
Product Brochure Alphadock® wall connections
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