Thermal Bridging Calculator. Coming soon to North America.

Schöck North America is busy developing a new tool to assist architects and engineers with their thermal and energy models – the Schöck Thermal Bridging Calculator.

Once available, this two-dimensional thermal modeling tool will allow you to easily calculate surface temperatures, linear heat transmittance coefficients (ψ values), and temperature indexes (Ti or frsi) for your specific building envelope details right in a web-based application. The thermal bridging calculator allows you to quickly design energy efficient, condensation-free details.

The calculator will be web-based, so there will be no need for software updates. Users will always work with the latest version and the program runs on any platform (desktop, tablet or mobile phone) regardless of the operating system.

Want a sneak peek at how the Schöck Thermal Bridging Calculator will work? Visit our UK site via the link below.

NOTE: Calculations are intended for the UK market and are based on UK measurements, construction styles and practices. As such, any calculations made using the UK tool may not be completely applicable or accurate for North American projects.

View Schöck UK Thermal Bridging Calculator

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