Schöck Museum Opened. Ceremony for company anniversary.

Over a thousand guests came to Baden-Baden for the ceremony – from the world of politics and business, from the Schöck AG supervisory board; former employees, representatives of the Eberhard Schöck Foundation as well as friends of the family and business partners. Lord Mayor Wolfgang Gerstner, in his address, appreciated the entrepreneur's dedication and commitment within the region and beyond. Vice President Wolfgang Grenke of the Karlsruhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry joined in the congratulations and good wishes; he was full of praise for the pioneer's success story and awarded him an anniversary certificate. Eberhard Schöck provided some interesting insights into the early years of the company. He described how the first successful products had resulted from his ideas and motivation to render the construction trade more efficient. His wife Sabine used the form of rhymes to wittily and pointedly summarize the half century since the company's foundation.

Following the motto "50 years of Schöck – 50 years of innovations", visitors can now find out all about the company's vivid history and its philosophy in an area of a total of 1,300 square feet with seven multimedia theme stations. The journey through time takes us back to the early sixties. One scene by Eberhard Schöck with his staff of the Schöck construction team focuses on the time line which provides an overview of the history of products and company. Former times come alive – with the original cashbook in the foundation of the time line surrounded by contemporary objects. Numerous exhibits all along the time line provide not only figures, dates, and facts but also rich and exciting illustrative materials. Theme stations appeal to all the senses with media stations, audio stations, pictures, and samples.

The museum's concept was developed, planned, and realized by the design group Raumeinsichten and Guttmann und Grau from Karlsruhe together with an internal project team. The go-ahead for the project had been given in August 2009 already, starting with a meeting of former employees from the early days of the company. Admission is free. Following completed renovations in the building, the museum is now open and accessible for any visitor to the company as well as for registered groups of visitors.

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