Schöck Establishes U.S. Division. Isokorb® Leading Thermal Break.

As of July 2012, Schöck Inc. will be an official U.S. company, leading the market with structural thermal break elements for cantilever balcony, porch and canopy connections. Isokorb® provides a sustainable solution to thermal bridging, offering greater comfort for habitants, and a more energy efficient buildings. The U.S. division of Schöck will provide structural connections for steel to steel with Schöck Isokorb® type S, and concrete to concrete with Schöck Isokorb® type CM.

In addition to product innovations, Schöck puts special emphasis on services. In the U.S. we provide thermal bridging education courses, layout planning, structural design with PE stamping, organize shipments, and manufacturer site service. The Isokorb® product and calculations have been adapted according to the building methods and requirements of the U.S.

The Schöck group with 12 companies and more than 550 employees is headquartered in Baden-Baden, Germany. The story of success began 50 years ago with the company founder and civil engineer Eberhard Schöck. With over 12,000 standard types and solutions for use in concrete, steel and wood, Schöck is the leading specialist in this segment, both in new construction and in renovations.

Quality is very simple: simplify the operations and ensure safety in construction.

Always one step ahead.

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