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Schöck Bole SR. Now ICC-ES approved.

The ICC-ES report (ESR-4656) details the findings and conclusions based on their technical evaluation of the materials and performance of the Schöck Bole SR product.

Bole SR stud rails are used as punching shear reinforcement in concrete flat slabs, providing the necessary punching shear strength, while allowing maximum ceiling height without the need for drop panels and/or capitols. The product consists of forged double-headed steel studs that are then welded to non-structural steel bars to ensure correct spacing based on the project’s requirements. In addition, Bole SR also complies with ASTM A1044-2016a requirements.

“Architects and structural engineers look to ICC-ES, UL and other independent evaluators to verify the design and performance of structural building products, and confirm that they are in compliance with current code requirements,” says Schöck North America’s product manager, Dritan Topuzi, PhD, PE, adding, “As a company, Schöck always strives to offer reliable solutions that meet or exceed the most stringent building codes and technical standards.” 


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