Reaching NYC's Zone Green. Marx in Astoria.

The Marx, a 7-story building at 34-32 35th Street in Astoria, Queens designed by Fogarty Finger Architects, will adhere to NYC's Zone Green amendment regarding wall thickness. Zone Green is a set of amendments to zoning regulations in an effort to encourage green building. To meet the Zone Green exemption, Isokorb® structural thermal breaks were used in the Marx design to provide greater insulation surrounding the concrete balconies.

Vidaris, Inc., provider of niche consulting services focusing on high performance buildings, contributed to the design of the building. According to Dan Luddy, Vidaris Associate, "[The Zone Green amendment] allows a well-insulated building to exempt up to 8" of wall thickness from zoning requirements, allowing for more usable floor area. In order to achieve this, the opaque wall area has to be 20% better than the NYC energy code on a combined u-factor basis, and the total vertical wall area (opaque and glass) needs to be 10% better.

The building was designed with the assumption of claiming the extra usable floor area, however, it was discovered pretty late that we were not quite hitting the targets. An energy analysis found that it was nearly impossible for the building to meet the required targets with uninsulated balconies. Schöck recommended Isokorb® in combination with some additional insulation in the wall assemblies to avoid a major redesign of the building.

Schock Isokorb® is one of the first to contribute structural thermal breaks to a Zone Green project. Providing insulation through structural thermal breaks contributes to energy saving, sustainable building, cost savings and added comfort for the residents.

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