Meet Schöck North America Engineering Team

Schöck North America prides itself on providing next level support for all your projects. To provide this service, we have assembled a top-notch Engineering Team. Our team of five come from various backgrounds, collectively providing us ­– and you – with a host of experience.

Between them, the team has 50+ years of combined experience in engineering and construction. The team includes registered professional engineers in the USA and Canada. Two of the team have PhDs in structural engineering, four team members have MS degrees in engineering, and one has an MBA. All together the team can speak 10 languages.

The team comes to Schöck with a wide array of engineering and design backgrounds. Our team has domestic and international experience with many types of construction including: high-rise buildings, multi-family residential buildings, office buildings, airport structures, below grade structures, government buildings, and even a habitat structure designed for Mars.

However, even with all this brainpower, they still find time to let loose. One team member is a former professional basketball player and still enjoys pick up ball, while another team member is in a rock band. Others enjoy trying new adventures such as horseback riding, sailing, or driving Formula cars.

On your next project, whether you are using structural thermal breaks, punching shear reinforcement, shear dowels, or need rain screen façade connectors, give us a call. Our Engineering Team stands ready to help you make your project a success.

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