Baden-Baden, Germany

Schöck and Fiberline Launch Joint Venture for Production of Glass Fibre Reinforcement

Fiberline owns a 25% stake in the joint venture and will be responsible for production and process technology as well as purchasing. Schöck owns a 75% stake and will concentrate on production, processing and marketing.

Thomas Stürzl has been named Chief Executive of the new venture, which will be headquartered in Halle (Saale), Germany where Schöck currently manufactures products from concrete and plastics. The production of glass fibre will continue at Fiberline in Denmark until transitioning to Halle in 2019.

"By establishing the joint venture, Schöck is securing Fiberline's innovative production technology for the manufacture of glass fibre reinforcement and will thus have its own access to the key technology," explains Dr. Harald Braasch, Director (Technology). Schöck customers can anticipate glass fibre component quality consistent with that of classic steel and stainless steel products, while advances in technology and production efficiency will benefit Fiberline customers, according to the company.

The joint venture was spurred by growing demand for construction products manufactured using glass fibre technology. The high performance material is corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, non-electro conductive and easy to machine. Its low thermal conductivity of λ = 0.7 W/mK in comparison to reinforcing steel (λ = 60 W/mK) and stainless steel (λ = 15 W/mK) promises superior capabilities in meeting increasingly stringent building codes related to energy conservation. The material itself also contributes to sustainability by emitting considerably less CO2 during its manufacture than do conventional steel and stainless steel reinforcements, consistent with Schöck's mission as a climate protection company.

Cooperation between Schöck and Fiberline dates to 2000. During four years of joint development work, Fiberline refined its production process for manufacturing reinforcement products. "The development project culminated in a product that set new standards for mechanical and corrosive resilience. As a result of the joint venture, it will be possible for us to place this product in a broader market," sums up Peter Thorning, Chief Executive Officer of Fiberline.

2004 saw the introduction of the Combar® product in tunnel construction. In 2008, Schöck was the first company to attain building approval for glass fibre reinforcement. In 2010, there followed approval for the Schöck Thermoanker using the same material technology. In 2017, Schöck presented the global innovation Isokorb® XT-Combar with tension rods made from glass fibre reinforcement.

About Schöck AG

Schöck AG is a company of the global Schöck Group with 14 international sales locations, 770 employees and 2016 sales of $190 million. The company's products focus on the reduction of thermal bridges at cantilevered elements such as balconies, the prevention of impact sound in staircases and reinforcing technology for special requirements such as glass fibre reinforcement.

About Fiberline Composites

Fiberline Composites, a family-owned company headquartered in Middelfart, Denmark, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative GRP and CFRP profiles in three strategic areas: wind power; supporting structures; and windows, doors and façades.

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