Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

LIDO Residential Tower

Schöck's Isokorb® structural thermal breaks add energy efficiency and thermal comfort to residents of Vancouver’s LIDO Tower.

The 21-story residential tower in Vancouver's False Creek neighbourhood is a luxury development with 32 cantilevered balconies that are connected to the buildings structure with Isokorb® thermal insulating elements.

The developer, Bosa Properties, understands the importance of structural thermal connections for cantilevered balconies in avoiding potential moisture and condensation that could lead to mold growth. In a high-rise luxury residence, balconies are an important feature. The end result is a more comfortable and more efficient building for both the occupants and the owners.


Isokorb® concrete-to-concrete
thermal breaks for balconies


Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams
Architects and Richard Henry

Structural Engineering

Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers

Construction completed


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