New York, New York, USA

Chelsea Green Multi-Residential

Schöck's structural thermal break product contributes to the holistic, "healthy lifestyle" vision of New York City's Alfa Development.

Just a few blocks from the High Line in New York's historic Chelsea neighborhood is a 14-story building offers its residents a better and more sustainable way of living.

The 74,000 square foot concrete structure includes Schöck's Isokorb® concrete-to-concrete thermal break connections in the balconies on the 11th through the 14th floors to further enhance the building's energy performance. Each balcony at Chelsea Green is cantilevered out 7 feet on 8-inch-thick tapered concrete slabs. "Traditional balcony attachments deal primarily with only the structural cantilever and as a result transmit exterior temperatures to the interior floor slabs, adding to the energy use of the unit." said Frank Mattiello, Senior Project Manager at Alpha Development. "This thermal bridge effect can be felt when walking barefoot in one's apartment, even when the heating or cooling systems are in operation." The Isokorb® modules provide load-bearing thermal insulation for these slabs and transfer bending moment stress and shear forces. Their integrated hanging and tensile reinforcement mitigates the use of other costly elements like stirrups or hooped mat. "Their modular configuration enables simple installation and submittal design," Mattiello added.




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Structural Engineer

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