Schöck Isolink®. For energy-efficient precast walls.

The Schöck Isolink® is the energy-efficient alternative to conventional stainless steel lattice girders when connecting the concrete skins of core-insulated sandwich and element walls.

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Low thermal conductivity

The glass fibre reinforcement is characterised by its very low thermal conductivity. The thermal anchor improves the thermal insulation performance of core-insulated concrete walls by 45% (comparison of thermal conductivity).

With its modulus of elasticity of 60,000 N/mm2 and enormous tensile strength, this thermal anchor protects the wall against cracks and damages.

The Schöck Isolink® also acts as a connector and spacer between the concrete skins within the double wall. It is suitable for both supported and self-supporting façades and enables prefabrication of large-scale, core-insulated concrete elements (up to 6 x 12 m).

Compact and easy to install, it also improves cost efficiency when prefabricating concrete parts. The Schöck Isolink® can be used in conjunction with any type of insulating material, thus offering prefabricating plants and architects a construction material for thermal breaks in façades that is fit for the future.

Certified as a ‘Passive house component’

The Schöck Isolink® is certified as a passive house component in the façade anchor category.

Installation instructions
Installation instructions Schöck Thermoanker for element wall
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Installation instructions
Installation instructions Schöck Thermoanker for sandwich wall
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Brochure Schöck Thermoanker
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Building Physics
Overview U-values Schöck Thermoanker
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