Unusually large balconies no problem for Schöck

It is not necessarily the largest projects that provide the bigger challenges and this was certainly the case for structural thermal break specialists Schöck, with 83-85 Weston Street in Bermondsey. Located a short walk south from London Bridge station, in an area with very disparate architectural styles, the Weston Street development is an intriguing minimalist, modern aesthetic design. It comprises eight interlocking split-level apartments, with two and three bedroom apartments arranged over half levels; and stacked above 5000 sq ft of commercial space on the ground floor. The external envelope features a brickwork outer skin over a load-bearing concrete inner skin and amenity space is a combination of stepped roof terraces – and unusually large cantilevered concrete balconies.

It was these heavy balconies that provided the challenge for Schöck, who have a reputation for solving demanding structural thermal break connectivity issues. Working closely with the precaster, the decision was taken to optimise the solution by utilising two different types of Schöck Isokorb. The first, for concrete-to-concrete connectivity, was cast-in along the back edge of the balcony and then into the slab. A second type, more commonly used for steel structures, was also introduced to provide further support at the top of the precast concrete handrail. This was bolted back through the wall. To anchor the Isokorb into the precast balcony, especially long bolts were manufactured, which spanned the wall thickness and enabled the units to connect with a cast-in steel plate designed and manufactured by the precaster.

The extremely comprehensive Schöck Isokorb range provides totally verifiable connectivity solutions for concrete-to-concrete, concrete-to-steel and steel-to-steel. Products meet full compliance with the relevant UK building regulations, have NHBC approval and offer LABC Registration. There is also the security of independent BBA Certification.

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