Schöck expands online Internet services

Schöck has completely revised its Internet presence at Based on the findings of a comprehensive customer satisfaction analysis, combined with customer workshops, the new website is extremely customer focussed and has been considerably expanded to incorporate numerous new features. These include navigation by customer group, improved interactive elements, a new download area and a product finder.

Navigation by customer group means that visitors can now select the information of relevance to their particular job function.  For example, an architect can now concentrate on the criteria as it relates to design issues, by referring to product references and construction details.  Structural engineers have the opportunity to access dimensioning details, installation information and CAD drawings; and engineering students can search for an interesting dissertation theme or appropriate dimensioning software.

There is a Flash-animated product finder which, using filter questions, leads the visitor step-by-step from the original problem to the appropriate product solution. A visual of a building shell highlights potential problem areas within the structure.   When the visitor moves the mouse over the problem area – for example a balcony, or potential footfall noise – the segment is highlighted.

At the same time, the product types suitable for resolving the issue are clearly displayed.

The download area too has been optimised to make it easier for visitors to search, access and download documents and other information using images and selection menus.  Find what you need, place it in the shopping cart and download the entire selection. Visitors can also register directly for a CPD seminar.

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