ComBAR fibreglass reinforcement is physically and environmentally superior

The Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim (IBR) has tested 8mm to 32mm diameter Schöck ComBAR® reinforcement bars for biocides, heavy metals, radioactivity, solvents and odours and awarded ComBAR® with its IBR Seal of Approval (1). It is an award given to products and production processes that meet the high demands of healthy living and environmental protection. The tests show that all recommended limitations for biologically safe building products were met. They were undertaken using an integrated observation method. This means that in addition to assessing the physiological impact of the product on individuals and the environment, the manufacturing process and ultimate disposal of the product must also comply with the IBR environmental standards.

According to the report, the Schöck ComBAR®: "Can be classified as being both 'beneficial to healthy living' and 'environmentally friendly', as it allows safe building biological living conditions and does not put a strain on the environment with respect to disposal".

Dr. Dietrich Moldan, a building biology and environmental analyst at the IBR, also considers that being non-magnetic and non-conductive, fibreglass has inherent benefits for the home environment. It does not interfere with the earth's magnetic field, so any impact on individuals from alternating electric fields is negated.

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(1) Schöck ComBAR® - (Report No. 3011 - 451)

The Institut für Baubiologie in Rosenheim, Bavaria, has been testing products for their impact on human health for more then 20 years.  The IBR test seal is awarded only to products and production processes that meet the stringent demands of healthy living and environmental protection.

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