Schöck Novomur®. The offset block for reliable socket insulation.

The area where the rising brickwork joins the cellar slab constitutes a huge thermal bridge. Geometries and materials usage cause critical thermal bridges especially between the perimeter insulation and the floor insulating level. With thermal insulation requirements becoming ever stricter, effectively minimising this thermal bridge at the base of a building is crucial. Effective basement slab insulation avoids mould growth and construction damage, as well as saving heating costs.


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Schöck Novomur®: offset block for reliable socket insulation

Offset block for reliable socket insulation

The effective solution

Schöck Novomur® is the energy-saving offset block for socket insulation. The thermal insulation elements – Schöck Novomur® for apartment buildings or Schöck Novomur® light for individual houses – are inserted at the base of the building or – more precisely – where the cellar slab meets the rising external and internal wall. They act as the first row of bricks above or beneath the cellar slab, minimising thermal bridges at the base of the building.

Made of water repellent material, Schöck Novomur® absorbs virtually no moisture during the construction phase. As a result, the basement slab element performs its thermal insulation task right from the start, whereas conventional offset blocks take several years to completely dry out. Their thermal insulation performance is drastically reduced during this drying period.

The thermal conductivity of Schöck Novomur®

Compared to brickwork with a high gross density (λ ≈ 1.0 W/(Km)), the thermal conductivity of Schöck Novomur® is λ ≈ 0.266 W((m*K), which constitutes an improvement of around 75 - 80 percent. The tongue and groove system ensures cohesive configuration. The elements can be installed in either normal or thin bed mortar. Schöck Novomur® is classified as compressive strength class 20 and Schöck Novomur® light as class 6.

Schöck Novomur® : Base insulation for individual houses and apartment buildings
  • The effective alternative
    The energy-saving offset block for socket insulation

  • Superb load bearing capacity
    Adapted to various structural stability demands: Schöck Novomur® light for single family homes and Schöck Novomur® for apartment buildings. Reduces energy costs and prevents damage caused by damp and mould.
  • Water repellent material
    A dry basement slab and optimum thermal insulation performance right from the start as virtually no moisture is absorbed during the construction phase.
  • Smooth construction workflows
    No additional workload, unlike designs using conventional offset blocks.
Technical Information
Technical Information Schöck Novomur®
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