Sustainable construction. ECO Platform mark.

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) contains transparent and audited details about a product's environmental performance. An EPD for Isokorb® type KXT 50 is now available with ECO logo.
The EPD contains details about the environmental performance of the construction product, as tested by a group of independent experts. Planners, architects and building owners need this transparent and audited information about the environmental footprint if they want to erect sustainable buildings.

Many planners are involved in projects throughout Europe, for which they need EPDs that comply with European standards and requirements. The EPD for Isokorb® type KXT 50 satisfies these requirements, as clearly acknowledged by the ECO mark. The ECO Platform is the umbrella organization of national EPD programme operators in Europe. The ECO Platform logo is a mark signalling common quality standards and verification practices. The EPD for Isokorb® type KXT50, which is valid throughout Europe, can be found on the ECO Platform or in our Download section.

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