Sponsorship. Schöck supports Design education.

Schöck are pleased to announce their sponsorship of The Designing with Concrete lecture series delivered annually to schools of architecture, interior design and civil engineering  at a wide range of UK Universities.
The lecture is offered at different levels with content that examines, how concrete is used  in current practice by  architects, engineers and designers.  Sustainability issues and benefits of using modern concrete solutions for low carbon projects are examined. The lecture can also include more detailed construction methods and aspects of cost. The contribution of Schöck Ltd to sustainable buildings with regard to thermal break technology, Impact noise technology and reinforcement technology are highlighted. Regular hosts of the lecture delivered by Allan Haines Director of EDICCT include:
Birmingham City University Birmingham University Leeds University, Leeds Metropolitan University, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield University, University of Westminster, University of East London,  Huddersfield University, Edinburgh University, Napier University, Newcastle University, Northumbria University DeMontfort University, University of Bath. University of Portsmouth, Loughborough University, Bournemouth Arts University, Queens University Belfast, University of Nottingham, University of Wales, Cardiff, Manchester Metropolitan University, Strathclyde University.

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