Basel, CH

Centre of dentistry

Several disciplines are going to be joining forces under one roof in the future university centre for dentistry (UZB) in Basel. A centre of dentistry competence ranging from basic care to research and teaching is being built. Every year, dentists, dental and preventive care assistants and dental hygienists will be administering more than 80,000 treatments in the 5-storey building.

The staircases were a key area of focus on this project, both for architectural reasons and in light of the strict sound insulation requirements. All staircases and landings have a bare architectural concrete finish. Compliance with the requirement of an impact sound level delta ΔLn,w* of 28 dB was mandatory in order to protect the quiet areas (e.g. treatment rooms, lecture halls, library, etc.) from distracting noise.

Products from the Schöck Tronsole® range have been implemented for acoustic insulation.  These impact sound insulation products enable a structural connection of the staircases and landings with no acoustic bridges whatsoever. Correct planning and installation of Schöck Tronsole® in a system results in a blue line visible at the treated areas. It is the mark of quality for reliable impact sound insulation and acoustic bridge-free installation.

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