Cologne, DE

The Kranhaus of Cologne

The iconic architecture of the three Kranhäuser buildings in Cologne’s former commercial harbour is reminiscent of the old loading cranes that could once be found here. While the two initial structures were designed as office spaces, the last in the collection – Kranhaus Nord – is entirely residential. This means there were high standards to meet with regard to impact sound insulation in this construction. Fortunately, Schöck Tronsole® type T offered the perfect system solution in this regard.

Both the structural engineering and architectural planning processes for this residence had to be adapted accordingly to suit the high-end use of the building. Unlike the design of the office buildings, the bridge abutments are connected via an atrium that leads to the premium apartments rather than being separated.

The main stairwell runs right alongside premium apartments, which means sound proofing was a key consideration. This was required not only due to standard building regulations, but also for the fact that “as a provider of luxury apartments complete with a whole host of amenities for international clients, people expect top quality. Thus, the decision was made to use the Schöck Tronsole® sound proofing system: A tried-and-tested solution for integration into stairwells.”


December 2010


BRT Bothe Richter Teherani, Linster Architekten, 1992 competition, 1st place

Construction company

Oevermann Hochbau West, Münster



Structural engineer

IDK Kleinjohann GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne

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