Basel, CH

Apartment building in the St. Johann district

Impact sound insulation of precast staircases. Sophisticated interior finish.

A house dating back to around 1910 was dismantled in the St. Johann district of Basel to make way for a new building on the narrow plot. The construction company was forced to allow car, bicycle and pedestrian traffic to continue and had to make do with a building site that was severely restricted.

The ten staircase elements were precast in architectural concrete at the factory, treated with Schöck Tronsole® products and shipped to the site where a crane lowered them individually into their exact position in the stairwell through an opening on the top floor. All of which took place without any standard fastening the elements – each weighing two tons – at the sides or on supports. After all, the challenge was to minimise the transmission of impact sound.

Installation was performed by the on-site construction manager in Davidsbodenstrasse. It did not take long to win foreman Paul Willig over to the product: "The self-adhesive technology of Tronsole® makes it quick to install, without the need for tools.” Depending on the construction workflow, the impact sound insulation can also be easily applied at the prefabricating plant.


December 2014

Construction volume

CHF 2 million


Koechlin Schmidt Architekten AG, Basel

Building contractors

Erne AG, Basel



Structural design

Schmidt & Partner Ingenieure AG, Basel

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