Thermal break technology

Schöck Isokorb®
Schöck Isokorb® is the load-bearing element for thermal insulation. It provides a thermal break between the balcony and the interior floor while transferring load and maintaining full structural integrity.

Schöck Novomur®
Schöck Novomur® puts a stop to rising damp in buildings and significantly reduces the risk of thermal bridges.

Schöck Thermoanker
Thanks to its special characteristics, Schöck Thermoanker not only acts as a connecting element, it also results in a significantly improved thermal insulation of the wall.

Impact sound insulation

Schöck Tronsole®
Schöck Tronsole® effectively separates stairways and stair landings from the building. This minimizes impact noise transfer from the stairway.

Reinforcement technology

Schöck dowel systems
Schöck dowel systems make the transfer of high shear forces in joints simple and safe, without girders or consoles to provide floor support.

Schöck Bole®
Schöck Bole® provides point support for flat slabs. This enables greater flexibility in design layout and protects flat slabs from punching shear failure.

Glass fibre reinforcement

Schöck ComBAR®
Schöck ComBAR®, a glass-fibre reinforced polymer, is resistant to chemicals and neither magnetically nor electrically conductive. For further information please click here.

Shuttering elements

Schöck ASE
Schöck shuttering elements improve the finish of concrete elements and make a major contribution to rationalising production methods.